Julie A Perkins BSc Hons Welcome to Mereside Acupuncture Clinic

MATCM and Acupuncture

Reg., Lic., TCM Practitioner


Apps: 01691 624734 Patient Centered




Experienced and established as a Traditional Chinese acupuncture practitioner.

Over 10 years working within the local community of Ellesmere and surrounding areas.

Integrated within Overton - on - Dee Medical Practice for 10 years.

Licensed to practice in Shropshire and Wales.


'Patient Centered'

Mereside Acupuncture Clinic offers both a holistic and welcoming environment with patient

care being considered as paramount. Since the opening of the clinic there have been many positive treatment outcomes achieved. This is based on careful communication between the patient and practitioner guiding accurate individual acupuncture point selection.


It is recognised here at Mereside that many people can feel nervous and build up a fear of having acupuncture due to the needles and this can prevent moving forward with treatment. We acknowledge these fears are very common and realistic, especially when the whole concept of having acupuncture could be a first experience. These barriers are soon dispersed as acupuncture needles are extremely fine. Treatment sensations are often described as 'Pulling' and many patients often feel very relaxed during their treatment here at the clinic.


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